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Introducing MeterStats - the ultimate app for keeping track of your energy, heating, and water usage! With MeterStats, you can easily monitor your meter readings and gain valuable insights into your consumption patterns. Additionally, the app allows you to track special events to test the impact of certain actions on energy use.

With MeterStats, you’ll have all the tools you need to save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and make your home more energy-efficient. Start taking control of your energy usage!

v1.2 – Whats New?

Release → December 14, 2023

Winter Update

With the dark season coming for the north side of the globe, MeterStats 1.2 brings a range of quality-of-life improvements. This includes support for dark mode and landscape orientation. Though, the biggest change is the completely redesigned Insights tab, designed to make it easier to compare all your meters.

What’s new?

  • Redesigned “Insights” tab making it easier to compare your meters
  • Show/hide the latest event in the insights tab charts
  • Tap trend values anywhere to access additional calculation information*
  • Added dark mode support
  • Added landscape support
  • Meter cards now show a chart of the average per day values for the last 5 readings
  • Improved event type selection
  • Long press meters or events in the overview lists to edit them
  • Various other design improvements

* Requires iOS 16.4 or newer.

About the App

Rich Insights

MeterStats helps users track their energy consumption through meter readings and provides rich insights in the form of charts. It’s completely built with SwiftUI and uses the new Swift Charts framework to create visualizations that help users understand their energy usage patterns.

Users simply need to add the readings manually as often as they prefer. The app then uses those readings to calculate the consumption and resulting trends over time.

Special Events

But the app is more than just a simple tracking tool. I understand that users want to improve their energy use and reduce their bills. That’s why I’ve designed MeterStats to help them experiment and find out what works best for them with the unique events tracking feature.

Users can track ”special events” – such as turning down their thermostat by 1°C, buying smart home appliances, or working from home – and see how much of an impact it has on their consumption over time. This way, users can make informed decisions about how to reduce their energy use without sacrificing comfort.

Multiple Locations

For users who have different residences or want to keep track of former places, MeterStats supports creating and switching between multiple locations. If preferred, it’s easy to split the apartment, garden, and garage, for example. Each location has its own meters, readings, special events, and resulting insights and can be quickly switched via the settings button in the top navigation bar.

The Beginning of Something New

I have plans to improve the app in many ways in the coming months after the initial release. The roadmap includes things like reminders, iCloud sync, Widgets, an iPad app, and much more.


The app itself is a free download and includes the basic/free tier. Unlocking the unlimited feature set requires an active MeterStats+ subscription.

Free MeterStats+
Price (USA) $0 $1.19/month
Number of Locations One Unlimited
Number of Meters One Unlimited
Number of Readings per Meter Unlimited Unlimited
Insights & Consumption Charts
Average Per Day Chart (More to Follow)
Consumption Trends
Tracking of Special Events
Shortcuts: Open App & Get Data Actions
Shortcuts: Add Data Actions
Support of the Indie-Development
Family Sharing Support
Free Trial 2 Weeks

Prices in other regions may vary, but are based on the USD tier above.

Example Germany: 1.19 €/month or 11.99 €/year



App Store Link:


Initial Release Date:

May 17, 2023