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Experience the power of words coming to life with SpeakLine!

SpeakLine turns your text into spoken words – simply type, choose a voice, and let your device read it aloud. Revel in the joy of funny voices or immerse yourself in texts spoken in native languages.

v5.0 – Whats New?

Release → February 1, 2024

SpeakLine 5.0 is a huge rewrite of the app using the latest SwiftUI features. Along that I’ve redesigned the interface to be more flexible and feels home on a modern Apple device.

Indisputably the biggest news is that SpeakLine is now available on iPhone, iPad and Vision Pro. All of the help of SwiftUI’s incredible multi-platform capabilities. I’m proud to say that the iOS and visionOS apps have feature parity with the macOS app.

About the App

SpeakLine – where your Apple device transforms text into an audible journey, giving your words a voice that resonates.

  • Multiple system voices: Choose from a variety of voices in different languages to personalize your reading experience.
  • Adjust speed and pitch: Fine-tune the reading voice to match your preferences.
  • Expand voice options: Explore more voices by installing them via your system settings.
  • Customizable UI: Tailor the app's appearance with various settings for a personalized touch.
  • Import TXT files: Easily bring in your text files to have them read aloud.
  • Export as CAF audio: Save your texts as audio files for future listening.


Free and without any ads! No in-app purchases are necessary.



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macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and visionOS

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