Illuminate Your Surroundings

With a sleek design and powerful functionality, MyLight turns your device into a reliable light source for any situation. With the wide support of devices and modes, it’s the go-to tool to illuminate your world and never get caught in the dark again.

LED & Display Light

You can choose to utilize either your device’s bright display or the built-in LED flashlight, if available. In both cases, you have the flexibility to adjust the light’s brightness to perfectly suit your needs.

Different Modes

Both the LED and display light support multiple different modes, such as stroboscope, S.O.S., and even changing the color of the screen.

Light Graffiti Mode

The special light painting mode is built to make it easier for you to draw with light using MyLight and a second camera.

Customizable App

MyLight offers sophisticated settings that allow you to customize how you use the app according to your preferences. The iOS version of the app goes a step further by supporting alternative app icons and customizable widgets for your home and lock screen.

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